Little tweaks

So, if I understood the website translation correctly, Hobonichi discontinued its plastic covers for their Weeks planners?  Luckily, they can be found in various online Etsy shops, for a reasonable price or on (at least a couple of weeks ago) for not-so-reasonable prices. Davaoartsandcrafts sold me mine – and did a wonderful job sending … More Little tweaks


So I’ve been reading a lot about this #OneBookJuly business bopping around the interwebs and well… nope. I do try to keep my daily planning in to two (paper) places (weeks and hobonichi Techo A6) and then use the third (Hobonichi Cousin) to maintain at home as the final, neater record of it all. As … More Summertime….:)

Daily planning

This has been my biggest problem area for the last 25 years or so.  You’d think I’d have it figured out by now, but it remains an issue. Why? Space challenges. I love to plan my days with at least a calendar, a prioritized list of tasks for the day and space to log that … More Daily planning

I’ve Fallen Down Another Rabbit Hole-Happy Birthday to Me:)

Oh yes, I did…. Thanks to the lovely KawaiiTokyo Etsy shop, I should be the proud owner of this little darling in a couple of weeks: It’s teeny tiny for me, and A6 size, because I want to see if I can plan in something so small. These pictures are from the Kawaii Tokyo Etsy … More I’ve Fallen Down Another Rabbit Hole-Happy Birthday to Me:)