Getting Back into the habit

So…I decided to be a bit more organized in the coming year.  I started looking at a number of blogs, YouTube videos and reviewing my previous habits and decided to try some new things.

Mind you, I’m an attorney, and forgetting a hearing is a big Bozo NO NO. One can lose one’s license for doing that, to say nothing of the horrible embarrassment.  Does it happen? Sure! Notices get sent to the incorrect address, things get entered into the wrong month on the calendar.  Thanks to a number of safeguards, that has happened to me less than you might imagine it might have done in 24 years of practice.


And this year, I decided to add a couple of new tools to my shed.

I have a regular “planner” on paper.  It’s a Filofax and I love it.  It is my usual practice to input this calendar into my google calendar app on my phone and/or computer on a weekly basis.   In the past the paper planner I used was either  (1) a Moleskin weekly (calendar on the left, note page on the right); or (2) a Franklin/Covey Planner (daily or weekly) in either Compact or Classic (A5 in the Filofax and Time System planners). One  year I tried a Time System planner (same size/hole config as the Filofax) to attempt David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology, but that lasted about 15 minutes. Sorry, but I’m being honest here. I really learned a lot from Mr. Allen’s books, but I’ve had to vastly simplify his methods to make them work for me in my life.

I learned two things: (1) An online calendar (that I have to keep secure) is a great tool, but electronics are only as good as the ”grid” upon which you find yourself; and (2) It pays to have something into which you can pour your goals, work, plans, and other information – in other words, not only the calendar, but meeting notes (Firm, Professional (i.e. court, professional associations and continuing education notes), Family, Church, and Personal Fun Stuff (i.e. knitting)) and other bits of information, such as holidays,  and zip codes and telephone exchanges in other countries. However, one cannot carry all that stuff around every minute of the day.

Enter two new tools:

A Midori Traveler’s Notebook:


It is about as long as my Filofax,but about an inch or two narrower. It is lighter and it fits in my purse.  And yes, I have to duplicate what’s in my planner in terms of dates and calendar information, but it’s nice to have that information handy. In addition, I have created my own booklets for random notes, client time logs, and a client visit tracking tool – this last included in my next tool as well:


Yes folks, I have succumbed to the recent Bulletjournal movement!

The Bullet Journal concept, developed by Ryder Carroll, and developed by all who use it (one of my favorites being the sweet, generous-spirited BohoBerry) is a great method for implementing those things one needs to get accomplished in one’s personal and professional lives.

And lest you think my “professional” life is “all that,” let me give you a little peek…:)

Yes, I am an unrepentant user of washi tape, stickers and all sorts of decoupage. So shoot me:). Sometimes life get “interesting” in a Chinese curse sort of way, and adding a little color to life is a healthy antidote.  Hey, it keeps me off the streets;)!

As the coming year goes on, I will update on how this system I am developing is working, what I will keep and what will fall by the wayside (as things inevitably do). Thanks for listening. Until then, I wish you a Happy New Year.  I hope it’s your best ever:)!


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