Calm before the storm…

Woke up this morning and decided to take one more day to enjoy the Christmas/New Year’s holiday.  Work starts up again for me tomorrow with a morning of hearings, a bunch of phone calls and keeping track of time.  At this moment, my desk looks like this:20160103_150918

So much for organization you might say, but no, it’s good. I got this:). Yesterday the Midori insert for the second half of the year arrived and I got it just about done.

I’ve been sure to avoid showing  any private business info here.  The entries in the center of the collage above are just birthdays and anniversaries for family members and they are only showing first names. Even the monthly booklet (see below) is for a month for which I have not yet scheduled any client-related activities.  I decided to use those little folding magnetized thingies to mark specific pages, mostly upcoming months, for ease of use.  There will be four or five booklets in the Midori – (1) monthly/visit log, (2) Jan-July 2016 weekly calendar, (3) July-December 2016 and about 2/3 of January 2017, (4)Daily Client Time Log, and (5) a notebook for those odd bits of information I need to write down. I created my own monthly notebook with notes and client visit log, with wonderful help from Inspired Blush and Ray Blake on Cautionary tale for those of you who are a bit klutzy as I am: Watch out for those rotary cutters.  I accidentally “swerved” a bit one evening as I was over-enthusiastic in the booklet-making and sliced into my finger.  Yikes. Be careful!

In fact, I got so enthusiastic with the booklet-making thing, that I used my online calendar to print out a two-page-per-month calendar on regular 8.5X11 paper, just to have a Large Print Version of any given month.

I found the mandala on the internet and merely inserted it just to add an interesting focus.  Bohoberry has a great video on YouTube demonstrating her process for creating one’s own mandala. While you are looking at that, take a look at her creative bulletjournaling process. Truly inspiring!

Well, I’ve said enough for one day. Hope things are going well for you! Until next time, as my dear mother-in-law used to say,

Be good and if you can’t be good, be terrific!


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