Fiddling with Fabric Midoris.

Oh dear. I am such a sucker for DIY videos on YouTube – especially ones that show you how to create inserts for the Midori Traveler’s Notebook or how one finds new ways to tweak one’s Bulletjournal.  I had been in “want” of a Midori-style cover, and hoped to get a little bit more width to accommodate additional depth of extra booklets and/or the wider notebooks I use for taking notes when I visit clients.

After work yesterday, I watched this video on YouTube by Inspired Blush and had to go out to my local Joann’s store to pick up a grommet thingie, some double-sided fusible interfacing, fray check, and iron-on patches (this last because I didn’t want to get out the sewing machine and thought I’d cut them up into strips and use them for binding the edges- jury’s out on that one). I already had some “fat quarters” of fabric and other supplies.

2016-01-09 11.54.17

The result was what you see above. (Well the two on the left.  The one on the right is made from an 8.5X11 piece of leather purchased at Michaels and was made a few weeks ago.)  The entire process took very little time.

And hey, it kept me off the streets on a Friday evening.

This was just OK for first efforts.  Next time, I will take more care in the cutting and binding.  And I will probably get out the sewing machine. These results are fine for hiding in one’s purse, but need to be a lot neater.

As to my system, it seems to be working so far. As I anticipated, the Bulletjournal will be more about tasks that need to be accomplished and some moderate goal setting.  As the system stands now, it is too difficult for me to use as a calendaring tool, except to copy what I already have elsewhere, because my work calendar can go up to almost a year in advance. In fact, certain things, such as notary renewals and getting my bar ID updated, take place two or more years from now.  I can see how one can use the BuJo system for that, but for me the tried and true works best in that area of my life.

One thing I learned a while back is that one needs to be very careful in maintaining more than one planner/calendar. Though many professions require some kind of back up calendar/system, it can get sticky when one makes an entry into one planner and not in another.  One planner has to be the lead – or one should make it imperative to update all calendars – written and online -at least once a week if not daily.  When you have two written and one online calendar and within those calendars are weekly (or daily) and monthly formats, that’s at least four repetitions of any given entry in addition to the original entry. (The advantage of using one’s computer is of course one only needs to do that once.) That can get tedious and is often one reason for abandoning the second paper calendar.

Some people keep their work and personal calendars separate.  Perhaps they work a top-secret job or for a corporation with a tight lid on proprietary information.  Thankfully, I do not have to do that** – a good thing – because a lot of my scheduling with clients occurs on weekends and evenings and I need to have personal appointments at hand to avoid double booking.   The draw of having something smaller that I can stash in my purse and have with me all the time makes it very tempting to stick with two for now.  I have always wanted to just use one small calendar and nothing additional, but then again,what if that small calendar is lost? With the backup of a larger calendar that can include meeting notes and other important information, it just feels like the information I need will be that much more secure.

Thanks for bearing with me on this long-winded post:)!

** Not to say personal and work information isn’t private, confidential and sometimes privileged! 


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