I’ve Fallen Down Another Rabbit Hole-Happy Birthday to Me:)

Oh yes, I did…. Thanks to the lovely KawaiiTokyo Etsy shop, I should be the proud owner of this little darling in a couple of weeks:

It’s teeny tiny for me, and A6 size, because I want to see if I can plan in something so small. These pictures are from the Kawaii Tokyo Etsy shop, somewhat modified.  When it arrives, I will let you in on the fun.

I have been really intrigued with this planner for a number of reasons: the possibility of daily planning, but on one page; the fact that the planner is well bound, on very strong but very thin paper, which makes for a much more comfortable time writing in it; the color coding – something that works well for me visually, and the monthly view and other places for storing important information. I am also really considering the A5 sized Cousin, which has all of the above qualities, but is larger and includes weekly planning as well. As I said, I will report on this when I receive it and after I’ve had a chance to use it awhile.

This past week I got even older than I already am and my dear children presented me with some gift cards which allowed me these purchases.  I also spiffed up my Midori a bit and added some A6 supplies to complement the Hobonichi when it arrives:

And my Filofax has lost a bit of weight. I decided to take all those meeting tabs and kee20160213_124713.jpgp a notebook for each subject. Because so many of the meetings in my life are related to either work or church or some other organization, it makes sense to keep this type of information together in its own notebook that stretches out over the years.

How awful, another excuse to purchase more notebooks and pens. Boo freaking hoo;) NOT.

Filofax has this neat notebook thingie I got from Amazon.  Really cute with its own dividers.  The system is very similar to the Arc system from Staples and Circa from Levengers and the coolest thing of all: the Arc holepunch I have can be used to insert paper into this notebook, too.  One caveat: the paper is a wee bit smaller than that used for the Filofax notebook. (But I cannot complain!)

So, one of my tasks this weekend will be to incorporate my meeting notes into new notebooks for each subject.

Well, that’s all I have for this rabbit hole:). See you soon!


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