New Uses for the Bullet Journal

20151231_105506The Bullet Journal thing as originally articulated is not doing it for me.  I am one of those people who really appreciated having the lines already drawn on paper to help me organize my time, the things I have to do, and my life in general. That being said, I have found a number of uses for it that do work for me and I’d like to share it with you.

Loving the Index

The Leuchtturm has an index.  I really love that. Again, one more thing I don’t have to re-create for myself. (Leuchtturm is a compound German word that means “Lighthouse” and is pronounced as best as I can render it in english as “Loysht Tourm,” (See my German Pronunciation Guide here). The “ch” in Leucht is pronounced from the middle of the tongue, as one would enunciate the first letters in the name “Hugh.” The “r” in Turm is barely pronounced. That’s the best way I can explain it to an English speaker. Anyway, I can do lists and collections on two pages, start something else, and then continue those lists at another space in the notebook without losing anything because I will have indexed it at the beginning.

I no longer use the Bullet Journal as a daily diary.  By this time next month, I will have three planners and an online calendar.  Writing that calendar in yet a fifth place is would be a recipe for disaster. HOWEVER, I do print out my online calendar at the END of each month into a two-page A5-sized spread, and placing it (and Indexing it) in the BuJo as a means of documenting my time in a colorful way.  So…

For what am I using this beautiful thing?

A brain dump:  How I wish there were a more elegant way to put that, LOL:)! sounds like what one thinks about is poo or something! The phrase notwithstanding, I have a place to write down blog ideas, books to read, and yes, tv shows and movies to watch.  

2016-01-31-16.22.21.jpg.jpgA massive next-actions/projects/to-do list: Here is where I write down everything I need to get done from the serious work deadlines, actions, and phone calls to make, to hemming my choir robe or writing up a knitting pattern. And yes, whenever possible, color coded:)

2016-01-31-16-30-38 (2)A work tracker: One of the most crucial things that must be done prior to my hearings is to visit my clients.  They are children.  They don’t come to me; I go to them.  I have a list from the office of clients who must be seen within a given time frame. So, I created a “Visit Tracker” to ensure this happens.  Having placement info, phone numbers all together enables me to make short work of what used to be a daunting task.2016-01-31-15.50.52.jpg.jpg

Miscellaneous goodies: If I find a quote I find inspiring, an example of handwriting I like or just something cool, in it goes.

This is how I am using my bullet journal.  Using it has inspired me to change some of the way I do things in my other planners. Stay tuned for I’ve Fallen Down Another Rabbit Hole-Happy Birthday to Me:)


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