One Month In…

20160124_154718.jpgWell, it’s mid-February and I am still making changes.  Where to begin? I spent the better part of the last weekend in January – the one where we had all that snow – making up new booklets/inserts for my regular-sized Midori.  A second bunch of sheets of card stock, new sheets of graph paper, photos from last year’s college calendar, and the month long daily planning pages from Wendaful and I was in business for a small bit of money! And it was so much fun:)

The greatest challenge for me is making sure that the inserts stay within the correct width.  I am so wary of the circular cutter thing because I slipped once and sliced the side of my left index finger, so I have been using scissors and cutting just a few pages at a time.  Another thing I learned was not to put too many pages in these things, because that distorted the width; pages start sticking out more in the middle than at the edges and of course stapling the center is more difficult.   In the end, I was pleased with the result.

Daily calendar pages

Using Wendaful’s free printable insert for a month’s worth of daily planning pages, I created inserts for each month of 2016. Well, through May of 2016 so far – only so much ink and paper one can use at any one time! Interesting bonus: my alma mater puts out a monthly wall calendar every year for alumni.  This calendar always has some of the most beautiful photography imaginable, mostly of the campus and Vermont, both of which are to me pretty close to Heaven on earth.  It was time to ditch this calendar.  Normally, I put it up on the shelf and in time, end up throwing them away. This year, I took each photograph and used it as covers for each of the monthly booklets. I must say, the result was rather nice:

An added bonus was the month already printed at the bottom of each picture.  In some, I had to obscure the year with a sticker, but that was a small price to pay. Thank you, Wendaful, for a very nice daily planning design.  It has been very helpful to have that in the Midori.

Stay tuned for New Uses for the Bullet Journal and I’ve Fallen Down Another Rabbit Hole-Happy Birthday to Me:)


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