MuhMuhMuh My… Midori!:)

Sorry for the reference to the ’80’s song:)I used to use the bass line to “My Sharona” as an example of the octave to my 5th grade music class at St. Joe’s Cockeysville back in 1982. I figured at least the eighth graders might relate, LOL:).


This little beauty has become the center of my planning world:

2016-02-26 13.46.18 1

Yes, this is a wee bit blurry.  Sorry. Do not wish to share client information. Here are some more pics – a little less revealing…

I use a lot of clips to help me find my place, because Heaven only knows, one can always use some help in that department:)!

So let me show you how I use my Midori. First, I use a standard size – long and slim:


I use this as my weekly planner.  The Filofax is my overall yearly, monthly and weekly planner, used in court to keep my calendar up to date. It includes some months in 2017 to keep tabs on until the next year’s diary arrives.  This little baby is the weekly planner I take with me everywhere.  It is kept on two insert booklets showing a week a on two pages. The first goes from 1/1 to 7/10:


2016-01-31-16.35.46.jpg.jpg and the second from 7/11 to 1/21 of 2017.

In addition to these two weekly inserts, I have two booklets, one with quadrants and the other with blank, thin pages.  Both are to allow me to take notes whenever needed.

Whenever I get a question from a foster parent or another attorney, I often refer to the Midori.  It’s easily accessible and easy to read.  No nonsense, no frills, just the facts, Ma’am.

Now, when I want to get personal, I use my Hobonichi Techo.  And that’s a tale for another day:)

Be good and if you cannot be good, be terrific:)


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