Planner Exploration

So…. while I was out one day last week, between client visits and had  one of those moments in which there was too much of a time gap between appointments to go there and wait, yet not enough of a gap to go home or to the office and get something done . I used to hate when that happened, but have learned to use the car as my “mobile office” by pulling into a shopping center parking lot and checking emails, returning phone calls and texts, reading, even knitting if I need to de-stress .  On this particular day, I noticed a store in that shopping center and the name intrigued me, so on a whim I went inside.

The name: The Paper Source.  It is what we generally call a “stationery store,” and it was lovely.  They had beautiful greeting cards, planner and scrap-booking products (from washi tape to business cards), notebooks and pens. It didn’t hurt that they were having a 75% off sale for calendars and planners.  I picked a very nice planner up for a pittance. Isn’t it pretty?

It is basically a weekly planner that extends from last August through December of this year and I thought it would be perfect for one of my daughters, who (with her husband) is raising two very special daughters with educational needs and works swing shifts for our local police, fire and rescue communications center. She loved it, so it was a win-win across the board!

And The Paper Source is likely to be a source of enabling well into my future:)!img_20160301_103541.jpg

As to my own planning life, this arrived last week from Japan and I couldn’t be happier:

Also ordered one of those backing board thingies you insert behind the page on which you are writing and boy is that helpful! It’s been really nice having a daily planning option all in one book. There’s nothing I dislike about it.  I know that most planning and organizational experts will tell you there is no one perfect tool for planning, but this comes incredibly close!

I liked it so much, that when it’s “cousin” showed up on, I spent the last bit of my birthday gift on one.  Before I saw that, I fully intended to wait until next year and begin using the larger A5 Cousin size next January, but I grabbed the opportunity.  Decided to stick with the January start date to keep all of my planners in the same time frame.

And it arrived today!

This came from  TechoStore, an Amazon third-party seller (apparently) based in Kentucky. I fully expected to only get the notebook, without any of the usual Hobonichi frills – i.e., pen and tissue case, but they sent the whole shebang! What a pleasant surprise!

Am especially excited to have yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planning all in one place, while having my two smaller “satellite” planners with me when I am on the go.  Added bonus: I already have a cover into which the Cousin will fit! It’s a cover I had for a previous Franklin Covey wirebound planner.  It’s not cute or perky, but it does the job and that is just fine!:)

So where does that leave my beloved Filofax? I have plans for this beauty!  More on that later….

Until next time, be good- and if you can’t be good, be terrific:)!


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