June. What is working for you?

So here we are at the beginning of June, almost to the half year mark. What is working for you in your planning and keeping your life in order? I know my planning tools have changed since I first started this blog back on New Year’s Eve. What follows is a summary of what is working for me now.  (Warning, this is a content-heavy post.  My apologies.)


So in many ways things have remained the same.  I use three planners and an online calendar on a daily basis – included in this stack of five. Two of the stack you see here stay in my purse, one in my briefcase, and two stay on the desk or come with me to work, depending.  Let me explain – and let’s begin with the top item in the pile.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook – Passport size:


Not a planner for me, I keep a passport sized Midori Traveler’s Notebook in my purse for random ideas and thoughts or even to-dos that cross my path. I was shopping in Staples yesterday and found some little notebooks that fit in there (Poppin) and, funnily enough, my church’s Day by Day booklet (a little book of prayers and devotionals for each season) fits in there as well, although it is a bit longer.  No problem, though, it stays safe in the little TN in my purse.  The quote in the lower RH corner was a bumper sticker of a Mahatma Gandhi quote I found as I was sitting in some slow traffic. I wrote it out as quickly as I could so as not to lose it.  Hence the poor handwriting.

Hobonichi Techo A6 and cover, with cover-on-cover:


Also riding along in my purse is my Hobnichi Techo A6 size daily planner.  The picture in the lower center square shows the difference in size between the A5 and the Passport size Traveler’s Notebook. I have an extra notebook in the back pocket of the Hobonichi to be used for notes of client conversations that might need to be included in client files.  This is a replication of the calendar I am keeping for the year.  It is helpful when I need to know if I am free for a particular non-work activity or a meeting at work or whatever.  When I am visiting a client and he or she (or his or her foster parent) wants to know when our next hearing is scheduled, this provides the answer. I also use this for daily task planning. While occasionally I put the occasional sticker and washi tape in there and often do use the stencil to create checkboxes, I do not use this as a journaling tool.  The Hobonichi planners I have cost me far too much to be drawing books.  I know that sounds snarky and I don’t mean to be rude, but it is how I feel. They are too important to me to be a diary only. On the other hand, I confess to a thorough enjoyment in reading what others have drawn and done with their Hobonichi planners! A hypocrite? You bet I am:)!

Regular sized Midori Traveler’s Notebook:


This is my “Main” calendar – the one I write in first and copy its entries to my other planners.  It stays on my desk or in my briefcase and when a case gets scheduled for its next hearing, it is the first place for that information. The Hobonichi Weeks I have inside of (though it is smaller!) also provides the weekly Master Task List from which I do my daily planning and task list in the Techo.

Bullet Journal aka BuJo:


Remember the Leuchtturm (pron. “Loyshtoohm” Means “Lighthouse” in German) I started using in January to start the Bullet Journal experiment? Well, it’s still in use. HOWEVER, I do not use it as a calendar or planner, with one exception: I put all my to-dos/Master Task/Next Actions/Projects lists here in one place. As things get done, the list is updated, moved, and indexed in the table of contents.  I use it for quotes I find and like, my Monthly client visit Tracker, and for bits and pieces of information that need to be accessible, such as the code for WiFi in my house, my Notary expiration date, the books I should be reading, and tv shows and movies I should/would like to be watching.  It is invaluable for keeping me on track for the most important part of my job (client visits)  and it helps to remind me of my values.

Hobonichi Cousin


Next year, this and the Weeks will likely be the only Hobos I have.  I really don’t need three:). It will ride with me in my purse next year.  But this year, it’s the planner that holds everything here at home.  It rarely leaves the house with me, unless I need to update it at the office. It has all the special dates of the year, a year planner that acts as an Index for info gathered each month, a weekly planner a daily planner, and a gathering of general information. I plan each week on Sunday night and update as necessary.  The months, days and birthdays in the yearly calendar are input in advance. I use the page markers from the cover for the months and days and washi tape each week as I come to it.



So how am I going to repurpose this beautifully pink Filofax? I would like to use it as an address book of sorts.  My goal is to  figure out a way to take my Outlook and Google contacts and print them out in alphabetical order, two to a regular letter-sized page, both sides.  Be it a client, a colleague, opposing counsel, my aunt’s dog, it doesn’t matter, I’d like to find it in here.  Will let you know if I figure out how to do that.

BTW, I love that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.  In fact, there’s not much from Eleanor Roosevelt I don’t love:).


Remember my post about visiting the Paper Source in Pikesville? Well, these little beauties were 1/4 their original price – from 36 dollars to 9 dollars.  My daughter got the first one I found and I got this one. Every weekend I update this.  It is a very simple journal about the goings on in my rather uninteresting quiet little life. And that’s Oh Kay:)!

Filofax Notebook


This Filofax Notebook is used for meeting notes related to church activities – I am a lector, am in the adult choir and the bell choir and am on a break from Stephen Ministry.  This keeps it all in one place:).

My Knitting Planner

PhotoGrid_1465113271409 (1)

This is a personal sized Recollections planner from Michaels.  I got it at half price and got a bunch of the inserts at half or 3/4 price as well.  My knitting projects do not have a pressing need for calendaring (unless I have a project with a deadline) and none of it needs to be included except peripherally in my professional and personal planning.  I printed out lists of my projects and my yarn stash as it is organized on ravelry.com and attached the information to the front part of this planner.  I have a number of knitting projects pending and this will be a great way to keep them organized!

Professional Note Taking

PhotoGrid_1465113538253 (1)

I use a number of different notebooks for notetaking at continuing education conferences and seminars.  Yoobi from Target has some nice bound  A4/Letter size notebooks that I put to use at two recent conferences. I also have a couple of other bound A5/half-letter sized notebooks I will use for upcoming trainings/conferences. Often I find that the printed out Powerpoint presentations quickly leave my consciousness unless I find a way to incorporate them into my notes.

Martha Stewart notebook

PhotoGrid_1465113639770 (1)

This disc-bound notebook allows me to take work-related meeting notes.  The above list of topics has now increased because my casework has ventured out into new jurisdictions.No worries, there will be more discbound notebooks awaiting:)!

ARC Junior Sized discbound notebook


This notebook has recipes, cleaning ideas, addresses, and other family-related information I need to keep at home.

Notebooks, pads and pens


I use a number of notebooks for client-related meetings, visits and phone conversations with clients. For hearings, I use a cover sheet form from the firm, and use legal pads and other paper to take the bulk of the notes. Never let it be said I don’t have enough to write in them:)!

Well, I have probably put you to sleep by now.

Be good and if you can’t be good, be terrific:)


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