So I’ve been reading a lot about this #OneBookJuly business bopping around the interwebs and well… nope. I do try to keep my daily planning in to two (paper) places (weeks and hobonichi Techo A6) and then use the third (Hobonichi Cousin) to maintain at home as the final, neater record of it all. As I’ve gone through this year, I know I will make a couple of minor changes next year. But for now…

It’s summer! And I don’t want to lug around any more “stuff” than I must. So what, you28144645601_7624bc8d41_h might ask, is the picture above? Believe it or not, it’s the Hobonichi Weeks (top) and a Personal sized Filofax (bottom). They’re being held together by one of those Erin Condren Elastic thingies.  The cover on the Weeks is that of a R28118326682_59262038e9_cifle Paper Company notebook I had finished using.  I liked the pattern and simply folded it up as a book cover for the weeks and put it in place with washi tape. I ordered a plastic Weeks cover to protect the cover a bit better. So that will come along with me during the summer months.  I just didn’t want to carry the Midori Traveler’s Notebook during the summer months, but as Fall approaches, I will pick it up again, more likely as a notebook to take along in my purse.


I found the little yellow beauty at a local stationery store – Pen  They have two brick and mortar locations and an online presence as well. Most of the pens in that store are way beyond my pay grade, but fun to look at.  However, there are a bunch of less costly alternatives along 28144526501_2e69349233_cwith the ink refills I use for my pens.  A great place to browse! They also sell Filofax inserts, so I got something very similar to the Weeks and the Moleskine planners – week on the left side, note page on the right for tasks and important information. As you can see, it is for 2017.  In my line of work, we schedule upcoming cases as far as 5 to 10 months out, so I already have things scheduled in January and February. The Weeks goes through next April, so I am getting a jump on 2017.

And my summer is coming along well.

How is yours going?

See you next time.  Be good and if you can’t be good, be terrific:)!


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