Little tweaks


So, if I understood the website translation correctly, Hobonichi discontinued its plastic covers for their Weeks planners?  Luckily, they can be found in various online Etsy shops, for a reasonable price or on (at least a couple of weeks ago) for not-so-reasonable prices. Davaoartsandcrafts sold me mine – and did a wonderful job sending it out quite quickly.  Because it came from Japan, I had to pick it up at the post office.


Couldn’t wait to get home to try it on.  It did not fit over the paper book cover, but no worries.  Simpler is better.

This will provide the Weeks a lot more protection as it gets bounced about in my purse. The pen “loop” and the additional place marker on the left side, in addition to the extra pockets are great features.  And the good news is it can be reused next year:)! I added a picture of last month’s monthly page to illustrate just how messy things can get.  Sorry again for blurring the picture, but had to for privacy reasons.

In the spirit of #OnebookJuly, I decided to see how things would go if I used the weeks as my satellite and just the Cousin for more “big picture” and daily planning.  So far it’s working out well.

Well, have a great weekend, everyone and be good.  If you can’t be good, be terrific:)!


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