If it’s September, it’s Hobonichi time:)!

The above is the bright yellow box enclosing the first of two packages.  I know from checking online** that the second one should be delivered tomorrow or I will pick it up on Tuesday.  I am so glad that the company begins selling the following year’s planners in September.  In my work, we schedule hearings as much as 10 months out, so it really helps to have next’s year’s book available.  Even with the four additional months, by August, I find myself with a few cases scheduled well into next year.  Although I use an online calendar, there is nothing quite like having written something down to help one to remember, don’t you think?

**For those of you in the U.S., I noticed that I could track the package at usps.com even from Japan – who knew? I didn’t.

In anticipation of my order’s arrival, I confess I have watched a number of “unboxing” videos on YouTube.  I am such a planner nerd:)! My kids think I am certifiable and I probably am:). But hey this, choir, and knitting keep me off the streets at night.;)

This year, I decided to stick with the cousin only.  The Techo is just too small for me to properly use the monthly calendar.  I thought I would have to put away that beautiful Liberty Fabric cover forever, but I found a new use for it, which you will see below.

So… let’s begin my “nonvideo unboxing:)”

The package came in an off-white bag as a wrapper.  A number of people thought that it was rather plain, but I liked it.  Plain is often good. The box is a very bright yellow.  My photos don’t begin to do justice to how bright that box is! My orders were relatively small, so I got a smaller size box – a good thing because I am more likely to use it. But my goodness, that yellow is quite a change from last year’s rather subdued pink!


Before you even get to open the box, you have two small glossy booklets -the first a little booklet about the Hobonichi and the little cartoon characters from the website that highlighted the introduction of the new line for this year. (See above)


Then, as you open the box, the quote – this year it is translated into English. Not sure what to make of the quote. Everything in the box is wrapped up in plastic – a lot of recycling for this citizen:)!



This “book lasso” is something I will use to close this year’s book when I am done, so it is sitting in a bowl on my desk.

This year’s Cousin will be housed in a zippered cover, not from the Hobonichi store.  I got bookmarks, since this cover does not include them. There’s a new stencil which I got to add to the others I already have.


This year’s Cousin is housed in a cover similar to next year’s:

For the Techo cover, I decided to buy notebooks to use to take notes at meetings and during client visits.  This way, I will have a notebook with me at all times that I can fit into my purse. In addition to the Hobonichi Papers, I added a couple of A6 notebooks.

Finally, there are the two “freebies” – a set of dice to help with meal planning – something I will never use, but will give to my grandchildren to play with – and a VERY bright yellow pen with black, red, and blue ink.

The next package should be a few accessories I ordered.  More to come:)

Happy Planning! And if you can’t be good, be terrific:)!


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