One book July…. sort of:)


So much for my “last” post months ago, LOL!:) To briefly update: I think I understand the Bullet Journal concept and I certainly admire the people involved in it and the concept, of course, is brilliant.  It’s a wonderful way to stay on top of the many things life throws at you.  I actually did give it another shot, but I found that I was duplicating efforts elsewhere and it just didn’t work for me.  At this point, I use the BuJo to keep track of my client visits and likely will continue to use it for that, and other, things I need to track in my life.

Currently, I am using three books:


Actually, I’m only currently using two: a Hobonichi Weeks and a Traveler’s Notebook.  The green TN on the right is NEXT year’s calendar.

I have a number of TN covers, one of which I’ve repurposed to hold an e-reader.  This one in the middle (and the top picture for this post) is a recent acquisition costing under 10 dollars from Michaels.  I figure if I keep the “guts” of the planner the same, switching out the covers from time to time should be a permissible way of maintaining interest.

I used the 2017 monthly calendar and two six-month weekly calendars – the one with the week on the left and facing page on the right for notes, to-do lists, and other info.  The Weeks is small enough to pop into any purse and is there for when I need to refer to the calendar or jot down notes or to-dos.   I consider it a sort of “sidekick” or “satellite” for when I’m out and about.  So really  you could say I only use one “book.” Well, that is, if you don’t count my online calendar – i.e. back up to the back-up.

I gave away the Hobonichi Techo to a colleague who seemed interested in trying one out. I just never used it.  Very glad it fell into good hands! I am hanging onto the Cousin for this year to use as a means of documenting what is happening and will evaluate next year whether I want to use a Hobonichi Techo or Cousin with the Weeks.  The Weeks is returning for sure.

Another thing I am doing that I never did before and I have found to be a great way to save time.  I enter everything as it comes up on the monthly calendar, but plan weekly. This saves a few corrections and keeps me from having to enter everything four/five times.

The Michael’s Traveler Notebook is made in much cheaper materials, but they are rather nice, and a bit lighter than the heavier leather of most Traveler’s notebooks.  I like the one I got – and the inserts are the exact same size as those from the Traveller’s Notebook Company. The reduced thickness of the cover precludes using the pen clip I had for the original TN, so I am using a gold-toned binder clip which does the job admirably.

The photos that follow are all but blanked out due to concerns about client and family


privacy.  Hope you will get the idea anyway.   The covers on the inserts are nothing more than book covers made out of special paper/cardstock.  They can – and will  – be reused on future inserts.  The craft folder is covered with a piece of vellum from Tim Holtz. (I have become quite a vellum and Tim Holtz fan.  Though I do not know how I’d use many of the products he sells, I still love looking at them, LOL.  Within the craft folder are two smaller folders (made from some Tim Holtz cardstock) holding stickers (in one) and stencils (in another).  The inside plastic pockets are available at Michaels specifically for these Traveler Notebooks and are only US$3.99 for a packet of five, I think. The Traveler Notebook comes with a craft folder and two plain paper inserts. One can also purchase additional inserts and a weekly planner, each also US 3.99 apiece.  The craft folder is very sturdy. The notebook with inserts sells currently at Michael’s for US$9.99, but with a coupon for 40 percent off, I was able to get this for a little over US$6.00 with the local tax.

I am not receiving any incentive from Michael’s for this blog post, LOL.  All items purchased were with my own funds.



One thought on “One book July…. sort of:)

  1. I really enjoyed your post. Even though I am retired I enjoy reading and looking at the photos posted. I make my own inserts and enjoy the creative outlet. When I was working they didn’t have the Traveler’s Notebook – I did use a Franklin Covey – this would have been so much better. I loved the one cover with the leaves – beautiful. Have a wonderful day and stay organized.


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