2017 into 2018: a few changes…

In the past few years, I’ve taken more of an interest in how I organize my work, schedule, and other things.  I have not been completely successful in everything, of course, but a few things have stuck with me and I’ve learned some things.  Gaining experience is never a bad thing:)

So here’s what 2017 (left) and 2018 (right) look like:

I changed the cover again for my 2017 Cousin and will likely do so a few more times, just to switch things up. You might also notice that the two notebooks in front remain the same into next year. That’s because they’re notebooks, not calendars.  They represent their fellow notebooks, each keeping track of a different set of notes.  The two you see here are used to track client visits and court deadlines (BulletJournal)- and to take notes at client visits and other meetings (A6 “Nancy Ann” cover with notebook inserts).  I continue to use the same refillable notebooks I used last year for other purposes, such as notetaking for work- and church-related meetings, and professional trainings.

As much as I love the Hobonichi Techo or Planner, it is simply too small for my current needs. I like having a “satellite” planner that can pop into my purse and go with me everywhere, but I prefer to use the Weeks for that.  So… I am finishing out 2017 with three paper calendars and 1 online calendar (Google).  Those are:

The Hobonichi Cousin (A5):

the Hobonichi Weeks:

Sorry, there are literally no pages I can show in public.  The photo on the left above is a small section of the monthly calendar for November.

and finally, this next is not a calendar per se, though I will put various dates in them as reminders. I cannot get away from the Traveler’s Notebook, but rather than use it for work, I have decided to use it for a type of brief journaling as I can.  Voila’:

It is here that I will do most of my page decorating.  Keeping it at home will avoid judgment on the professional front, LOL;)!

As I’ve stated in other posts, my client’s hearings get scheduled as much as 10 months in advance – another reason the Hobonichi, with its 16 monthly calendars, is enormously helpful.  By September, I already have cases scheduled well into May, so those September planners come just in time for me:)! It also doesn’t hurt to be able to plan well in advance for personal occasions, such as weddings, knitting retreats (hey, don’t judge:)!), and multi-year items, such as a Notary or subscription expiration dates!

So for 2018:



You may notice one additional item, about which I shall explain.  In the meantime, again, for next year, I will be using the BulletJournal and A6 notebooks, and the same three calendars:

The Cousin:

The Weeks, this time with a non-Hobonichi cover (I liked the floral Liberty Fabric one, but this one fits far better into my budget!)

Also, a lot more “strictly planning” for this one:) My current one is starting to look like a coloring book – not that there’s anything wrong with that, LOL:)!

My Traveler’s Notebook will have a cover from Websters Pages:

You might notice that for each half-year of weekly inserts, I have two different formats and I think that will be rather nice – the challenge will be to journal differently. Why not?

The last planner I am going to discuss in my other blog.  Will updatethis link when I complete that blog post.  It is a planner for my knitting* – hey – I mean it – don’t judge:).  It was developed by a knitwear designer for those of us who have more than (mumblety-mumblety) knitting projects going at once.


*Strickplaner is German for  “Knitting planner.”

Well that’s it my friends, happy planning and remember, if you can’t be good, be terrific:)!


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